Get personalised luxury beauty products that match your skin with RUE CINQ

rue cinq

RUE CINQ delivers you the luxury beauty products that match your skin RUE CINQ is the only online shop for prestige cosmetics, that provides individual product recommendations in a brand agnostic way. They have developed SKIN MATCH TECHNOLOGY (SMT), a proprietary algorithm, […]

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Get fitness plans customised just for you with Fitnapp


Fitness services at your ease with Fitnapp Fitnapp is a mobile app which provides access to any fitness centre in any locality with affordable subscription. Fitnapp aggregates all fitness and recreation studios under one platform where people can book their […]

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Indian Entrepreneur quotes to motivate you on your startup journey

indian entrepreneur quotes

Top Indian Entrepreneur quotes Well, Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, you have to face many highs and lows. In-fact a roller coster ride. As an entrepreneur you need to believe in yourself and stick to your plans. Things are never […]

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TailorZone – This Ahmedabad’s startup aims at providing you on demand stitching services


Ahmedabad’s TailorZone to provide on demand stitching services TailorZone – Ahmedabad’s First On-demand Stitching Service. They have introduced a very new service in Ahmedabad that is an online designer boutique cum tailor shop for women. This concept is very new and […]

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How to easily find funding for real estate investments with Fund That Flip

fund that flip

Affordable fast funding with Fund That Flip People just love renovating stuff. Or rebuilding stuff. If something is broken, dilapidated or discarded, someone, somewhere will be thinking about fixing it. Looking at this article from UK magazine City Metric, it’s […]

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PR for startups – Get the best media coverage with Publicize


Understanding the need of PR for startups Why do you need PR? Does PR simply mean advertising to you? Then you need to re-look at your strategies. There are many other advertising options over the web including that of Google, […]

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Four Health Apps you are missing out on

four health apps

Health apps you are missing out on Health! Everyone loves to be healthy, right? It sure beats being sick. Anyway, technology has, on many occasions, helped us to become better monitors of our own health. Here are four apps that […]

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Four travel startups that are changing the way world travels

Travel Startups to look out for Space may be called ‘the final frontier’ but, in reality, that is a matter of historical perspective. Hundreds of years ago, final frontiers would have included territories in Africa, Asia, and the New World. […]

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Compare prices and get the best deals with PriceRaja

vivek pahawa

Grab only the best deals with PriceRaja PriceRaja is primarily a price comparison site showcases all prices available on the internet on a single page in a more comprehensive way. Apart from this, the site also helps you choose the […]

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Four free travel apps you absolutely need in your life right now

four free travel apps

Free travel apps for your next trip Who doesn’t love a spot of travel? Exactly, it’s universally popular – don’t trust people who say otherwise. In fact, chances are you’re reading this at your office desk, procrastinating like mad as […]

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