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You having reached here means you are either of the following a Wantrepreneur (will find a right idea someday), a Startup (all set to bring a change ), an Entrepreneur (someone who is busy creating an impact). Do not worry coz we have something for everyone.

EverythingStartup - is a community of startup enthusiasts. At EverythingStartup we celebrate, love for Startups and the ideology of being an Entrepreneur.

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  • Featured Startups - Get to know about trending startups and ideas.
  • Events, tools and other resources - for anyone in any stage of entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial wisdom - stories of startups, founders, CEOs and top entrepreneurs.
  • Online marketing tips for businesses.
  • Startup Job opportunities
  • Entrepreneur interviews

EverythingStartup is a rapidly growing and in just short span, managed around 200 startups, investors and accelerators in the network and it just doesn't stop there, EverythingStartup was the media invitee at SURGE, the first ever international conference by Web Summit in India and working with quite a few startups managing online marketing for their business.

Prathamesh Dastapure

Prathamesh Dastapure


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Hi again and thanks for sticking around, I am Prathamesh Dastapure, the mind behind EverythingStartup. I believe in learning by doing and thus a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, a novice blogger turned digital marketer, an International FIDE Rated Chess Player and if I am not doing any of the above you would generally find me writing some stuff. You can know more about me on my personal site here Prathamesh Dastapure


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