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1. How it began?

CR Team-CouponRani is the most comprehensive coupon site in India that helps any ardent online shopaholic to save money on every online purchase that he makes. Ravi Trivedi, founder of Srijan Capital which focuses on incubating & operating its companies and invests in startups started CouponRani as its first incubated company in July 2012.

2. What was the motivation behind CouponRani?

CR Team- CouponRani initially was started off with two members – Ravi Trivedi, the founder and Sai Kumar Sarkar, who is the General Manager for the site. They found out that the demand for online shopping was at its peak then and thought of having a website that could aggregate all the offers and coupons to save more on online shopping. This demand led Ravi to think of a platform and that is when CouponRani was born.

3. A word from the founder



“We strongly believe that if we focus on our customers first, everything will fall at its place on its own. And, that is what keeps us growing successfully,” says Ravi Trivedi, the founder of CouponRani.




4. What is that sets you apart from your competitors

CR Team-Even though a startup, CouponRani currently stands out distinct is many ways when compared to its competitors:

1) We have become the No.1 coupon site in India in terms of coverage – currently 2350 stores and its increasing daily.

2) We keep only active coupons on our site. We do regular testing of all the coupons to ensure that our customers get coupons which are working.

3) We have several exclusive coupons which are available only our site.

4) We are the only site to offer Coupons in Hindi at hindi.couponrani.com.

5) We offer a Coupon API for partners, and have an Android App and Chrome extension for consumers.

6) CouponRani has a coupon and deal hunting team that is available to help all our consumers via Chat.  We were the first coupon site to launch a chat in Mobile app where a user can just ask us for best coupon and deal for the product he is buying. Further, we are available on Twitter (@CouponRani), and Facebook as well.


5. The problems you people had to overcome while expanding CouponRani.

CR Team-As mentioned, the early days were pretty tough. We spent building our product from scratch.  It took a lot of effort for us to reach what we are today.But, having built it from scratch, we were able to incorporate several intelligent elements,which makes us more efficient. We believe that it was in the way we overcome our hurdles, made us what we are today.CouponRani was funded by Srijan Capital at the initial stage but now our ecommerce partners pay commissions for successful sales. We also get revenue from advertising on our site.

6. What are your further goals on expanding the startup?

CR Team-Started off from a scratch with two people on board, CouponRani is now a team of 15 hardworking individuals, who is much keen on their customer satisfaction. As a team, we are striving to become the most comprehensive coupon site for anything that one can buy online. We are looking to grow our Product and Technology team, as well as Digital marketing team.As a growing company, we are working on several new ideas and looking for things we can innovate on, to make finding discounts and prices for online shopping easy. “We don’t measure our growth in no. of team members, but in terms of how many consumers we help save money.”added Ravi Trivedi.

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Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.


About: Prathamesh Dastapure

Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.

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