How to create wealth and lead an enjoyable retired life

Earlier individuals would look to retire at the age of 60. Every major event in their life was planned around it. Turning 60 meant taking retirement in both public and private companies. However over a period of time, this has changed. Retirement age has been extended to 65 in many organizations. Certain energetic seniors who have the liberty to work continue to do so beyond the official retirement age and many young people who have struck it big prefer to retire by the time they turn 35.


But the question that begs attention from all these people is what to do when one retires?

Apart from tending to grandkids, they would want to use this time to fulfil certain goals which they couldn’t achieve earlier in life due to multiple responsibilities. Well, but to achieve these personal goals, you need some financial backing. Look out for a financial tip at the end of this article that will help you create some wealth for a happy retired life.

Here are some ways by which one can lead a productive retirement life:

  1. Cultivating a hobby – Wanted to paint? Or learn cooking? Or resume collecting stamps? There are so many hobbies one can pursue. Probably the hectic routine of regular life forced you to discontinue a hobby which you had painstakingly cultivated. Retirement helps you to either pursue or resume hobbies.


  1. Travel – Due to paucity of time it is difficult to travel often when one is working. Ironically one of the challenges of post retirement life is the immense availability of time. Using this time by journeying to all your dream destinations would end up enriching your life.
  2. Volunteer – There is a famous quote which states: ‘One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time’. There are several organizations including NGOs, schools and community centers which require experienced talented individuals to offer time. This also ends up spiritually satisfying.


  1. Stay healthy – By staying healthy you can not only reduce your dependency on others but also enjoy life. Make sure that you invest at least an hour in doing some physical activity like a brisk walk or an engaging game of tennis
  2. Learn something new – This is the best time to learn something new. Have you struggled with a bad handwriting throughout your life? Nothing stops you from mastering calligraphy now!

So how do you ensure that you have the financial cushion to lead a blissful retirement life? You can start today by investing in a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Investing in top SIP plans over the longer term helps you to create a healthy corpus for attaining your goals. Birla Sun Life’s Sabse Important Plan offers a bouquet of investment options through SIP. The best SIP plans help you create wealth by taking advantage of the volatility of business cycles over a longer term.

Once you have managed to create wealth to sustain your dependents and you for a long time you can create memories.

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Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.

About: Prathamesh Dastapure

Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.

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