TailorZone – This Ahmedabad’s startup aims at providing you on demand stitching services



Ahmedabad’s TailorZone to provide on demand stitching services

TailorZone – Ahmedabad’s First On-demand Stitching ServiceThey have introduced a very new service in Ahmedabad that is an online designer boutique cum tailor shop for women. This concept is very new and unique for Ahmedabad females, as here they offer a doorstep consulting/stitching service to all women. In this service, user needs to simply schedule a pick-up request, and our consultant/tailor visit their places to understand and consult them on their designing & stitching request. They pick-up all orders and finally once the order is ready, They also deliver it back to their place. So in-short, women now need not to visit any tailor or boutique shop to stitch their cloths; rather they can access all this service right from their home using TailorZone.

Hear from the founder itself

Team TailorZone

“Last Year I faced a similar horrifying experience of not able to manage a decent tailor when I was in real need of it. I was planning to attend a marriage, but since it was a festival season and the heavy rush of order, all Tailors refused to accept my order. This situation urged me to give it a thought about creating something that can easily reachable, reliable and accessible.

I decided to work on this idea and started gathering all the information about this unorganised sector. While doing this, I was also looking for a teammate who can help me in identifying few answers, which were hard for me to get, when I met Priyanka. I discussed this whole idea with Priyanka Brahmbhatt (co-founder) who was actively involved into fashion and boutique domain with her very own venture Hir Creations. Together we figured out the possible blue print and prototype for TailorZone.” – TailorZone Founder, Jay Sonavne

USP of the Service

  • One Stop Shop to stitch all your garments like Indian, Western & Indo-Western.
  • They provide all type of embroidery works like machine, khat work and hand work.
  • Ease of booking and scheduling your pick-up request from anywhere online.
  • Flexibility to select your convenient date and time to schedule a pick-up request.
  • Expert Advice and designer consultation offered on all your orders.
  • Saves your lot of valuable time as everything happens right at your place (without going out)
  • Very affordable rates for all these premium services.
  • 100% customer satisfaction and perfect fitting guaranteed.
  • Free shipping on all your order above Rs 750 and available at all places in Ahmedabad.
  • Cash on Delivery option available on all your orders.

Their target customers are basically people who are Fashion Addict or Fitting Conscious or someone who are working or business women or may be housewives. They are trying to reach these audiences through all different mediums like news, PR, pamphlets, event participation and promotion, etc.

They mainly want to come to the rescue of 21st century women, the one who has time for everyone except herself. With this service, they want to save their time of finding a decent tailor and visiting them to and fro for various stitching related issues. Along with offering convenience and saving customer’s time, they are also majorly focusing on the perfect fitting and work quality to delight our customer and provide them a hassle free and seamless experience.

How this startup is planning its expansion

“We are planning to capture maximum audience from Ahmedabad and then after we may decide to expand this service in other cities of Gujarat like Baroda, Rajkot, Surat. Later on we also have plans to add express service and corporate section.” – Jay.

They have a well defined  plan including short term as well as long term plans to mark their growth.

Short Term

– Adding men category

– Offering Express Service (delivery in 48 hours)

Long Term

– Targeting corporate sector

– Offering personalised designer consulting under premium segment

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Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.


About: Prathamesh Dastapure

Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.

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