The Makeoverz – spa and gym aggregators shaping the beauty and wellness industry in India

the makeoverz

The Makeoverz

How The Makeoverz saw beauty and wellness industry in India differently

Beauty and wellness in India is much smaller when compared on a global standards but is growing so rapidly that it has turned into a billion dollar industry and still growing.

The Makeoverz is one such brand that has grabbed its spot in beauty,fitness and wellness industry.They provide information about spas,salons,makeup artists,gyms,fitness trainers,dieticians and anything you could possibly relate to this industry.Started in Gurgaon,The Makeoverz expanded its reach to Delhi,Greater Noida,Noida,Faridabad and Ghaziabad.Also on this platform users can read the reviews and learn about other people’s experience at a particular service provider.

A unique way in which the company connects with the masses

In the fast growing world of Technology, nobody prefers dialing number or looking at Yellow pages, but prefers the click of a button to find the nearest, most resourceful place for themselves.

Beauty & Fitness Industry lacks a platform that provides budget friendly deals, offers & Discounts.

It isn’t conventional to physically check every Gym & Salon near the vicinity to find the one that is safe for you, has the equipments you want and doesn’t compromise on quality.

The birth of Zomato for beauty sector

Kamal Gulati,the founder of The Company was widely inspired by zomato and how the company had become popular by reaching heights and by just providing information food outlets that already existed around us.Thus, in November 2013 the idea of zomato for beauty salon was born.

Then this idea was shared with the people around and the idea of one such portal for beauty industry excited everyone.

In the making

In January 2014,a Business Development Manager was hired who made further plans for collecting data and approaching high end brands first.This data helped them to get interests from other brands and the company launched its website on March 25,2014.By then it had 250-300 listings of salon,spas and gym which was exceptional.

Problems are essential part of evolution

Everything was not so straight-forward for this company.In the beginning it hired few interns to collect data but it didn’t work out.Then they had to revise their plan and approached a company to collect data for them.But this data was to be put on site too which was too much of task for a single person.Thus Kamal hired interns again but just to update the data learning from the past mistakes.

Kamal Gulati


“It was very challenging,full of ups and downs.We face new challenges everyday but these things make us even more stronger.We are up for everything” – Kamal Gulati,Founder The Makeoverz

Getting the right recognition for your work

Looking at the response website was getting many makeup artists started approaching The Makeoverz and this was yet another opportunity in disguise that Kamal grabbed unfailingly.He realised that their are people who don’t own separate studios and work as freelancers.Thus he came up with separate categories on his site like skin center’s came out separately from Salons,fitness studios stood separate from Gyms and trainers and dietitian were added distinctly and thus the brand expanded to seven sectors salon,spa,skin center,fitness studios,trainers and dietitian.”Seven is my lucky number” says Kamal.

Building a perfect team

The Makeover team

In 2015 Kamal learnt about funding programmes and thus converting this part-time work to a full-time business,he built a team that believed in his dream.

Kamal has restricted his company to just limited team members that would add value to his startup.

Mr. Ambuj Rawat, is the SEO and SMO manager who works on building strategies for turning company to an online brand.His SEO skills helped the company to reach close to 1,00,000 ranking on Alexa.

Ms. Nitika Sharma, is Client Relationship Manager at The Makeoverz who deals with company’s terms and relations with the merchants and service providers.

Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur, being the Customer Service Representative of the company handles customer services and keeps them up-to-date with the offers and services provided by merchants.

Mr Jot Singh, plays a key role in the company as he visits locations personally such as gyms,salons,spas and collects data and information to be updated on the site.

Ankur Soni, takes care that the best deals are provided to the customers.

Pawan Singh,is graphic designer who takes care of visually stunning content on the site.

Bloggers: Company has always given high preference to online presence and staying in-touch with their clients online.Thus they constantly update the blog which is maintained by Ms. Diksha Batra, Tanya Sharma, Anjali Sharma and Sagrika Adhikari.

Expansion plans in future

“The Makeoverz had 80 users visiting their platform on an average in January which has now turned to 500 visitors per day out of which we have 100 users booking appointments at several service providers through our portal each day” said Kamal.

Kamal’s company currently generates revenue from paid and premium listings and in coming period they would be monetising the featured section by providing even more prominent listing to the interested people.The team is very much concerned to reach out there to the masses and build their online presence for this they have focussed in-depth on SEO and have a live chat option on their site to not just build traffic instead convert them into permanent customers.

The company is currently dealing in Delhi NCR but they are planning to go to PAN India soon.Also the company will be launching a mobile app soon.The company also plans to add many services to their platform in near future like hair cut’s at customers residence and many other home services.




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Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.


About: Prathamesh Dastapure

Prathamesh Dastapure is a passionate coder, startup enthusiast, professional blogger and digital marketer. He has helped many startups build their brand online.

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